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801 Topping Off Day June 14, 2011
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904 Quan Yin Statue Photos Quan Yin Statue Photos

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908 Gongshi (Scholar's Rock) Photos Gongshi (Scholar's Rock) Photos

 Gongshi (Scholar's Rock) Photo's 
Wikipedia link on >>> Gongshi (Scholar Rock) <<<
Another news story from our friends at Ch 10 WPLG... Thank you Roger Lohse

This time the news story is about the "Scholar's Rock" (aka Gongshi)
that just arrived from far across the Pacific Ocean.
The rock is being staged on the property until ready for
installation in the Sun Room / Conserviary.  
Careful study of this rock is necessary before its final
placement can be determined. It weighs well over 10 tons.


February 2012
The Gongshi being crated and loaded on trucks in Vietnam ...
The Gongshi (large) as seen in statuary in Vietnam...

The Gongshi (small) as seen in statuary in Vietnam...
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