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The Oakwood Residence
A Nature Sanctuary
Miami, FL
Thao's Pagoda

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801 Topping Off Day Topping Off Day, June 14, 2011
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 Topping Off Day - June 14, 2011

Peter and Thao taking a moment to enjoy a special day
when The Oakwood Residence
is ready for the "topping off" ceremony
Presenting a commemorative Oakwood hat
to the shell construction crew from Tom Krips Construction
The hat states on the front: Oakwood.. A Nature Sanctuary
and on the back.. "I helped build it"
Architect's note: The men shown in these following pictures did an amazing job in building
an extremely complex structure and are to be commended for their work.  
Anyone would consider themselves fortunate to have this crew work on their project.
You won't find a harder working and more diligent crew around.
Our hats are off to foreman Virgil Sr and the crew.
Thank you guys!
Peter and Virgil Sr (Project Foreman) 
Peter and George
   Peter and Virgil Jr
   Peter and Omar

.Peter and Eugenio
  Peter and Salvador
(L-R): Salvador, Eugenio, Omar, Virgil Jr, Virgil Sr, Omar, George
and the ceremonial pine tree.
Note: It appears in this photo that the crew is at ground level but is actually on the high roof 30' above grade.
The background is the incredible canopy of Live Oaks.
One has to see it from this vantage point to appreciate how magnificent is the view.

Back Row (L-R): Eugenio, Peter, Thao, Virgil Jr, George 
Front Row (L-R): Salvador, Virgil Sr, Omar
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