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801 Topping Off Day June 14, 2011
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Ch 10 WPLG-TV    LINK:

The Chilin (also referred to as Kirin )
as seen in northeastern China

After arrival and storage in Miami customs the statue finally arrives at Oakwood.
In this picture the base is being unloaded from storage container.
Due to height of statue the container had no top.
A long journey from northeast China to Miami.
The transfer company crew guiding the Chilin to the ground.
The statue and base now safely on the ground just outside Oakwood.
A closeup of Chilin profile

A very happy Thao beaming with pride at the new addition to her home. 
Unfortunately, the long journey from China did not come without a few bruises along the way.
The stone chips were the result of the long journey to Oakwood.
The two foot deep footing is ready with chalk lines for alignment.
Now, the transfer crew lowers the stone base into position.
The base is now in postion and is being checked for proper alignment.
A closeup of the base and how accurately it is positioned.
Kiwi,a Border Terrier (Peter's sister Ruth and brother-in-law Joseph's dog)
showing us how the Chilin should stand... 
The Chilin being brought by forklift to it's location.
The transfer crew lowering the Chilin into position.
As the Chilin is lowered into postion and checked for alignment,
a cameraman from local TV is on hand to capture the moment.
As the Chilin is finally lowered into position, construction Project Foreman Virgil W is right
on the spot with blower to make certain the base is clean and dust-free.
Well actually, after lowering into position, it was determined that the Chilin was
not sitting as well as was desired so Project Manager Kevin M uses a power tool
to grind just a little bit of the base for better seating on the base
Now, the Chilin is lowered into position to guard the entrance to Oakwood for the next millenium.
A closeup of the Chilin prior to the horns being placed.
Once again, Kiwi, the Border Terrier, inspects the view and soon gives approval.
Kiwi knows how to pose for a photo.
A closeup of the Chilin
Kevin and Peter's brother-in-law Joseph placing the horns
into pockets with sand filler to keep in place.
As the afternoon light fades, the TV crews start to set up
lighting for a live remote evening broadcast
Channle 10 WPLG's Roger Lohse and Channel 7 WSVN were there to
cover the exciting moment here having a laugh with Peter.
Channel 10's Roger Lohse preparing for the live broadcast.
Finally, the Chilin statue is resting comfortably
in place and on guard to protect Oakwood
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