the main entry covered walkway
a good sign
a relaxing mural in the waiting area
a consultation room

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waiting area door to main hallway

beautiful rest room fixture

Center for Psychologial Effectiveness (C.O.P.E.) - Plantation, FL  

Located in Plantation, FL this project is an interior tenant improvement.   This project required office spaces for each therapist to practice in a private, quiet and comfortable environment.. There are two ADA compliant spacious rest rooms and also a break-room / work-room for staff. Using current technology, there is an internal audio system to provide soothing and relaxing  sounds in all common / waiting areas. The rest rooms have a beautiful upgraded lavatory fixture (see pic #317 above). Most importantly, the building inspectors accepted it too!)

We were very pleased to work with Dr. Marotta and her associates and here is a brief text segment from their website...

Serving the Greater Fort Lauderdale area including Plantation Counseling and therapy for Relationships, Trauma, Anxiety & Depression.

The Center of Psychological Effectiveness is a group, outpatient practice located in Plantation, Florida (west of Fort Lauderdale) specializing in depression treatment, trauma, relationship treatment and anxiety treatment. Our commitment is to empower patients with new life strategies. Our motto is "solutions...not talk". Our Center of Psychological Effectiveness was named to help citizens of the For Lauderdale area to "cope with your life". We are also the referral center for therapists of Feiner Abraham & Associates. Please visit our Center (located in Plantation, Florida) and experience the resources of licensed and experienced therapist. Treatment through therapy and parent coordinators can be a catalyst for positive change in your life. Each day, our lives become more complicated, requiring relief from the stresses of life. Often, we utilize the services of a financial planner when we are unsure of what to do. Therapy is often relaxing and can begin change your life today...consider the services of a "life planner" who can help you reach new goals. Begin treatment and call us today. We look forward to meeting and working with you.

We wish them success in their new location with the very important work they do each day.  I wonder if they can help out a bunch of stressed out Architects trying to meet building codes and project deadlines?